Mid Life Career Change

Did you know that women start more new businesses in mid life than at any other time of life?  I had mentioned mid life in a recent article and received a tweet as to “what is midlife?”  I see mid life as being the time from the late forties into sixties and beyond.  It is a time when there is vibrancy and eagerness to make the second half of life be meaningful and financially successful.

I recently worked with two women who had been in their jobs for over 27 years where they had an opportunity to find out where their strengths were.  Although they did not know each other they were at a very similar place in life.  Their jobs were no longer challenging and they were eager to start their own businesses.  Others may not know what they want to do next but  trust that they will figure it out.

There are three beginning steps to consider when starting a new career.

1. What do you want to do? Most people start our with general dreams and hopes and need to take some  time to focus in on what they want to do.

2. Clarify your niche. Do some basic research to see what the competition is and if what you dream about is feasible.  I have worked with a number of people who started  out with one idea and as they looked further into it shifted  to something else that excited them more.

3. Assess your resources

This step will help you with the decision as to how you proceed. If you can devote full time to developing your business that is great.   Many people find that they have to keep their job for a while longer but they have renewed energy because their mind is actively engaged in developing their new venture.

In my next article I will write about the emotional side of introducing change into ones life.

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