Internal Change is Not in a Straight Line

A young woman told me recently that she could not understand why she was so restless. She found herself thinking a lot about making changes in her career and life.  What puzzled her was that until about 4 months ago she had felt content with the path she was on.  How could she go from contentment to uncertainty and a yearning to make changes?

What she was going through is part of the normal path of life.  Every one of us hears an internal voice that reminds us when we are ready to move on with our life.  As I look back at my life I can see many such periods where I have been content followed by that little inner voice that was encouraging me to think about what I wanted to do followed again by contentment.  It has guided me throughout life when I have headed it.

This young woman needed to cherish this inner voice. It was guiding her to figure out what her next steps in life needed to be. Of course it involved leaving her comfort zone.  By doing so she would discover new strengths and directions.  It is our life force that urges us to keep growing throughout  life.

Whenever we ignore this inner restlessness we begin to limit ourselves.  I know that whenever I have done so with reasons that seemed plausible but were excuses I have regretted it.  I have known  people who have stopped growing intellectually and emotionally by holding on to limiting beliefs.  I have no doubt that their inner voice nudged them but they did not heed it.  The result has been a great loss of joy in living. By going through these periods that take us from contentment to restlessness followed by renewed contentment we evolve to be the people we are capable of being.

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