“How to be Happy Together” Kindle e-book

I am proud to announce that my book ” Relationship Success: How to be Happy Together” is now available on Kindle.  This is the first  in a series I am calling  “Enhance Your Life”.  My goal is to give you “how to” information that will help you live your life to the fullest while  enjoying  meaningful relationships.

“How to be Happy Together” is based on  keeping  the focus on one’s own life while at the same time being  with others who also want that for themselves.  Relationship Success is the result of balancing the individual and togetherness forces.  As you read the book you will see, through examples, how couples have successfully made decisions that are based on both people feeling validated.  It is by knowing how to think relationally that we create  healthy relationships.

Much of our happiness occurs in relation to someone else.  Our happiness is greatest if we can be around people who allow us to be fully human. What we want in our relationships is to be with someone who takes responsibility for his/her life and chooses to be in a  partnership because life is enriched by being together. It is my hope that by learning how to create healthy relationships that you will experience togetherness happiness.

You can find Relationship Success: How to Be Happy Together at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BH4XR9O

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