How Our Mindset Limits Us

Recently much has been written about the ideas expressed by Sheryl Sandberg in her new book ”Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead.”  One idea is that “we hold ourselves back in ways both big and small …we lower our expectations of what we can achieve.”

I think she is so right.  What we expect of ourselves will either empower us or hold us back.  Our mindset is influenced in so many different ways. A while back I came across a notebook from when I was in sixth grade.  In there is a composition  I have been asked to write about the joys of being a housewife and raising children. As I look back all my teacher’s were single women who were teaching other people’s children.

Through the years my views of what I could be expanded but they continued to be deeply influenced by the culture of my day which included meeting a spouse in college.  I did not meet my husband in college so I went on to graduate school where I did meet him.  Although I had worked professionally for six years I chose to stay home when we had children.  That is what most women did. I remember feeling sorry for the children of a former co worker who continued to work.  As I look back I can see how I limited myself with my mindset.  Yet at the time it seemed to me that what I was doing was right and I minimized the reality that part of me yearned to be back in the workforce. I did not take steps to see how I could make that work.

Of course in time I did return to the work force.  My specialty is helping people enhance their lives and strengthen their relationships. I encourage them to become aware of their mindset so that they can see where it expands them and where it limits them. The increased self awareness helps them take charge of their own life.  Each person’s mindset also contains the expectations they have for their relationship and their ideas for togetherness happiness.

I have written a concise kindle eBook on the power of relationships and how to use it to create togetherness happiness.  You can find it at . In there you will find specific ideas for enhancing self-growth and strengthening relationships.

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