Relationships Built on Equality


The key to relationships built on equality is how both people feel about themselves.  They believe that they have equal worth.  Their value as an individual does not depend on how much each earns, or gender, or other factors.   The equalizer is their humanity.  Many people struggle to achieve such a balance in their [...]

Working on Your Life


Are you working on your life or are caught up in the daily demands of living? This question was posed Jeanette Cates in a slightly different way.  She asked:  are you working on your business or in your business.  She made a good point that when we work on the business we will be [...]

5 Ways to Evolve Your Life


What does it mean to evolve your life? To me it means letting go of beliefs and behaviors that get in the way of living to the fullest.  Simply put, it is accepting ourselves as we are while simultaneously knowing that there is so much more to us than what we are expressing.

Here are five ways [...]

Three Steps to Gaining Control


Have you found yourself in the situation where you have become a reactor in your own life? You are so busy reacting to external committments and demands that you are no longer paying attention to what you want.  I have been at that place and it is  scary. I remember vividly feeling that I [...]

Commitment is Necessary for Lasting Change


Have you ever watched the TV show called THE BIG LOSER?  It is a show about very overweight men and women who want to lose weight. Most have struggled for years with unsuccessful dieting and see this as their last chance. It is a very strenuous program consisting of intense physical exercise and learning to make a mindset shift. The people who [...]

Communication-How do you talk to yourself?


Do you realize that the way you talk to yourself is completely in your control? It is by believing this little nugget that you take charge of your life.

Let me share with you what Carol, a coaching client, excitedly shared with me today.  We had been talking about the importance of changing how [...]

Fear Stops Us From Taking Action


Probably the single biggest factor for not taking action is fear.  Fear can show up in many variations. It could be fear of being judged, fear of success, fear of embarrassment, fear of rejection, fear of being alone etc.

I can still remember a woman I knew several years ago.  She was in midlife [...]

Midlife is a Time of Growth


I have been invited to meet with a group of dynamic women at a special luncheon to talk about midlife and how to come through this time of life  with optimism and direction.

This is a pivotal time in a woman’s life.  I look forward to sharing ideas and tools that will help them [...]

Upgrade Your Relationships


We interact in many different kinds of relationships.  There are our family members, co-workers, friends, our neighbors, the mailman, colleagues, and many others.  Some of these relationships are superficial while others greatly impact our lives.  Ask yourself which of those enhance your life and which limit you or are not good for you.

The [...]

Relationship Help For You


As most of you know I believe the most effective way to work on a relationship is to work on self.  That is why I focus on  building  a strong personal foundation. It is when we feel in charge of our own lives that we can objectively and honestly  relate with another.  When two [...]