Are You Ready for Change?

“No one is ready for a thing until he believes he can acquire it. The state of the mind must be belief, not merely hope or wish” . This quote is by Napoleon Hill.  He believed that we all have the power within us to direct our mind to achieve what we desire for ourselves. The key is having an unwavering belief. You must trust with certainty that you can have it. As you focus on what you want your belief will pull you forward. You begin to see opportunities that you can take which will transform your belief into reality.

Recently I wrote an article for the iPad magazine “Secrets of the Secret”. Every month there is a new theme. This time it was BELIEVE . It is  one of the three steps of the law of attraction.  In my article I talk about a couple who came to see me where the husband was involved in an affair and  they were at the brink of divorce.  I first worked with the wife and later saw them both as a couple.  Once they got over the hurt and anger they made good use of the communication and relationship skills I taught them.  Yet there was something else happening that did not have anything to do with what I did. The wife  had an unwavering belief that their marriage would come out of this crisis better than ever.  She held this belief quietly in front of her like a beacon.  As she visualized how she wanted their relationship to be she became more loving and forgiving.  I had this distinct feeling that there was a power greater than they or I that was moving them towards a stronger relationship than they had had before. To me this was a beautiful example of the power of BELIEF in action. There have been times in my own life when I have believed strongly that unexpected doors opened and I had to grasp the opportunity and walk through.

Here is the link to “Secrets of the Secret” iPad magazine , February 2013, where you can read the whole article on your iPad.

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